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Metamorphose stitched collar cardigan
axes femme gingham JSK
Metamorphose cakes & sweets JSK
Atelier Pierrot stripe bustled skirt
 Liz Lisa stitched collar blouse
MILK Magic Bunny pull over
Tralala yoke organdy back ribbon pull over
MAD separated sleeve cat ear hood parka
h.Naoto stripe ribbon tote bag
Miho Matsuda logo stitched blouse
Atelier Boz lace choker
Liz Lisa flower buttons organdy cardigan
PUTUMAYO Death march bears tank top
Excentrique shirring blouse
BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT sgripe shirring pull over
MAD white cross wrist belt
PUTUMAYO gauze blouse w/ribbon tie
Maximam cat ear sailor katyusha
MILK candy lover skirt
Heart E Lune panda bag
fint dot & stitch collar blouse
Atelier Pierrot stand collar stripe blouse w/ribbon
MARBLE gingham flare skirt
MILK chiffon ribbon brooch blouse
Angelic Pretty white heart bustle skirt
honey salon LOVE stitch ribbon blouse
BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT stripe ribbon katyusha
FRILL cat muffler
MAD check fur short pants
TKF short drawers
Atelier Pierrot chiffon frill blouse w/ribbon
Angelic Pretty Heaven Cross katyusha
MILK gingham blouse
PUTUMAYO mono check hems skirt
Metamorphose gingham cotton tote bag
  with details    images only
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