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fint organdy sleeve cut & sew
fint rose stitches tunic
An Another Angelous shoulder ribbon cut & sew
Honey Bunch pearl semi long sleeve cardigan
fint horse & sampler cut & sew
fint ribbon & dots knit pull over
Amabel seaside fun tea party pull over
Misch Masch grey border beads pull over
Misch Masch crape pull over
Titty.Co. three-quarter sleeve cardigan
la belle Etude cotton ribbon cut & sew
Ank Rouge dreaming baby cut & sew
Ghost of Harlem lace hems long tunic
Ghost of Harlem patches cut & sew
Amabel sailor collar ribbon cut sew
Barbie ballerina cut & sew
An Another Angelous waist code pull over
fint lace collar cut & sew
fint lace collar & black ribbon cut & sew
fint round collar & pompom brooch cut & sew
fint Littie Little Gentleman cut & sew
fint Nordic Fairy Tale cut & sew
fint lace collar cut & sew
fint flower stitched cut & sew
fint lace collar cut & sew
fint yoke stitched cut & sew
E-Hyphen chiffon pull over
Ank Rouge pearl ribbon pull over
earth, music & ecology high neck lace pull over
(no brand) rose organdy long cardigan
earth, music & ecology border cardigan
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