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axes femme bouque stitches knit cardigan
axes femme lace up tunic
Liz Lisa wide collar frill  pull over
Metamorphose ribbon hem front buttons cut & sew
Metamorphose stitched collar cardigan
Liz Lisa lace & ribbons pull over
Metamorphose ribbon knit cardigan
Emily Temple Cute center lace cardigan
Innocent World heart line cardigan
axes femme lace bolero
MILK Magic Bunny pull over
Tralala yoke organdy back ribbon pull over
Peace Now no sleeve knit sweater
Liz Lisa flower buttons organdy cardigan
axes femme tulle & organdy long cut & sew
axes femme gobelin & organdy long vest
axes femme big ribbon organdy cut & sew
PUTUMAYO swinging girl tank top
axes femme organdy sleeve Dreaming cut & sew
Emily Temple Cute flower stitches front buttons cut & sew
Peace Now wing print pull over
B.P.N. halter neck  vest
axes femme cuffs cape
axes femme beads flowers tank top
axes femme round collar flowers tank top
axes poetique front buttons cardigan
PUTUMAYO marry-go-round camisole
PUTUMAYO Death march bears tank top
axes femme frill hem bolero
axes poetique lace collar pull over
axes femme yoke lace pull over
axes femme March Rabbit long vest
axes femme stripe & lace pull over
axes femme lace vest
axes femme music note vest
axes femme center lace pull over
  with details    images only
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